our story

(and, consequently, our heart)

At mabo, our mission is to be thoughtful in everything we do. The fabrics we use, our manufacturing partners—even the candles burning in our shop are chosen with intention and purpose.

We keep our clothing free of logos and branding and pay close attention to fit. Most of our seasonal styles are intentionally loose-fitting; for children, this allows more room to grow and for women, it means exceptional ease. Once outgrown, pieces can be tucked away for future generations—truly timeless.

We’re committed and grateful to our manufacturing partners who help bring our clothing to life. All of mabo’s pieces are made in the USA by people we know and love.

our founder

our shop

Our shop is located in the 9th and 9th neighborhood of Salt Lake City. One of the most walkable areas of the city, it’s nestled next door to Nono, a wood-fired pizzeria owned by Emily’s husband. Please pop by and say hi!